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 Instructor of Record

13 Course Offerings in Anthropology

71 Total Courses Taught 

1. Introduction to Biological Anthropology

2. Introduction to Biological Anthropology Lab

3. Sex, Death, & Human Nature

4. Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

5. Human Evolution

6. Human Variation & Adaptations in Living Populations

7. Medical Anthropology

8. Human Behavioral Ecology

9. Anthropology of Sport

10. Individual and Culture (i.e., Psychological Anthropology)

11. Human Osteology 

12. World Cultures and Societies 

13. Biological Anthropology Seminar      

             *Original Course Design                                                       

Student Feedback 

Hominin Evolution
Primate Evolution (with Dr. Brian Villmoare)

Evolution of Everything (with Dr. Brian Villmoare)

Ethnographic Field Methods (with Dr. Alyssa Crittenden)
Physical Anthropology (with Dr. Peter Gray)  
Male Studies (with Dr. Peter Gray)
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